* :*( Tears Of Blood Shed :*( *

Broken Heart Poems

:*(    My real tears are non exsistant         :*(


       instead of clear water drops it is ,

       A  steady river of blood  pouring and

        flowing   down  from  my refrain ,

        pain @ misery is on the increase

            no hero or trusty stead

              to come and rescue me

         from  all of the world of  hate

             we  cant   replace to  face

     my brothers and sisters dieing in the  end to win

           peace, How much suffering  do we

             have to be destined to take  ?

  scar ed bruis ed @ completely insane in the mem brane .


Written By GT JAN 20, 2009  Written with Real Pain & Tears.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about a woman that cant cry tears of water drops in
stead of real water tears she steady crys
tears of blood terrible
isnt it for her to be that way awfull isnt it

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