:*( Black Tears :*(

Broken Heart Poems

:*(        Black tears stain my face                      :*(

             in shame so tired  of

:*(        this blame game of pain                        :*(

  :*(       My emotions are so drained .                   :*(

           things will  never ever be the            


           same   cause  misery  still                    :*(

             remains   so  destined  


             to       be    refrained  .

:*(                                                        :*(

           Black tears and stress leave

           me a mess with no rest seeking

     death  is what will soothes me the  best .

         Let the  vultures &  ravens                   :*(


        gobble up my remains in shame as

        my body decays and  fades away in

        to the   hazy shades of   gray and a

     bloody maze is dug for my grave in  hate

   so destined to be my grusome fate that wont wait .

                * Written By GT & Robert   *

            I was depressed and Cursed and not

        wanting to live  on this earth :*( no more .

     * Written On August 25, 2006 Thanks For All

      Of Help & Inspiration On This Piece  Robert   *


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Great freind of mine helped and inspired me
to write  this  piece because He is    an awesome writer I only
wished and dreamed I could write  like  my freind we had a  ball with this one peace for now Thanks Robert :*) .

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