:*( Finally Free From A Life Time Of Pain & Misery :*(

              Finally free without ease

                nobody knows how the

            mighty  river of life flows ,

              time to join and live on

            the streets of a rotten destiny .

   :*(       Tears stain my face in shame                 :*(

           and disgrace as scars and bruises

        steady eat at my dieased body in misery   ,      :*(

         abandoned and left for dead to walk

         upon this cruel earth all on my own .

       a shame to blame got caught up in the

      game , my race thought of me as a waste


       finally free without ease no longer

      to drowning myself in a cold icy river

      of tendency . Where my body and  soul

       shall flourish and rejoice in  happiness

       forever more . Written By GT August 6, 2006




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this piece when
I was going  thru  a
rough time in my life
just was not happy .:*(
just was  completely
miserable and depressed

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