Dancing Up North

by Jeph Johnson

An obviously hot-bodied young American girl wrote in to a dancer's Usenet FAQ forum asking for advice as to whether or not she should become a stripper.


The Webmistress/Dancer advised against making this decision at such a young age, but also mentioned that in Canada girls can start erotic dancing at age sixteen.


Is this true? If so, how prevalent is this and are there any clubs that specialize in this sort of thing?


If it's legal it's okay, eh?


I am more interested in compiling a record of the hypocritical inconsistency in today's society than actually taking a vacation up North to go watch REAL naked high-schoolers.


So basically what we as a society are saying, in Canada it is considered a legal form of self-expression for a teenager to seduce a Canadian hoser, but in the United State’s "land of liberty" it is considered a harsh and incurable crime for a man to sexually desire a sixteen-year-old (even though nearly half of all of our movies, including the Oscar winning "American Beauty" and critically acclaimed “Lolita" contain these very themes).


The odd thing is that I can name at least five girls under 18 who are quite comfortable with their sexuality and might benefit from this sort of self expression, and I can also show you hundreds of 23 year olds who's maturity level makes me think they should have no place in the erotic entertainment industry.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

circa 2001 

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