Real Marriage Equality

by Jeph Johnson


I used to be against people engaging in homosexual behavior.


When I was a "Christian" (roughly from the years 1987-1997) I believed it was an "abomination to God."


I was so opposed to it that I would send money to anti-gay groups and wear political pins supporting ballot measures which would have disallowed discussion of homosexuality in public venues (like schools).


EVEN THEN I never suggested marriage of two gay people should have been disallowed! Sure I believed Christian pastors should've been allowed not to marry people that did not fit with their religion, but that is because I believed marriage was a RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION.


I still think it should be a religious institution, and that CIVIL UNIONS are the ONLY THING THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE IN THE BUSINESS OF RECOGNIZING!


Don't get me wrong, I applaud the SCOTUS ruling, but as an atheist I still think the better thing for FREEDOM would have been to not have the state be in the business of recognizing marriage at all!


I believed my religion was right (and it wasn't) but even then I thought other people had the right to make wrong decisions. I still believe in that right, so it saddens me that some pastors may now have to perform weddings they are not supportive of.


This may not seem like a popular opinion right now, but it is something to think about.


Gay marriage being allowed is not going away (and should never go away!) but the institution of marriage itself SHOULD NOT BE anything the state needs to concern itself with. Instead, why not have civil unions be are where it is at?


This solution would seem to be way more inclusive of all of America.


Back then I was the same way with "prayer in schools". Why would a Christian who is ordered NOT TO PRAY WITH NON-BELIEVERS want a teacher led prayer recited by someone who may or may not even be a believer?



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