"Nuclear Summer"

by Jeph Johnson


I spent the entire day
laying half-asleep
on my couch
to nuclear weapons
blast from my television
in the form of
talking head commentary
while debating the reasons
war is waged afar
between men and ideals
I disagree with anyway
I rolled over
then realized
I missed
the first 6 innings
of the baseball game
sure, I love this land
God Bless the U.S.A.
and all that
but despite the occasional
National Anthem goose-bump
prior to a baseball game
I am not completely convinced
I need to fight when my freedom
is only threatened from within
I'd rather fight for rights
I deserve and do not yet have
and leave the preservation
of my current rights
to the ship-shape soldiers
I thank them
whether or not
they thank me
once the bomb falls
it won't matter
what rights I have rallied for
what rights they've preserved
or how many home runs
Barry Bonds hits into the bay

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