"Alyson's Galaxy"

by Jeph Johnson 

Her lips, a painted-heart-Valentine

echoing with smiles
parting for her voice to dance

up and down the aisles.

We make-believe our stardom

but music can't pretend,
it demonstrates the beauty of song

by way of Alyson.

With passionate precision

she makes the song her own,
enunciating word for word

into the microphone.

Perfume floats through smoky air,

her eyes close to the crowd
while she transforms the Galaxy

into a single sound.

Astonished awes of silence,

suspending bar room noise...
the single sound of elegance

that is known as her voice.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2001, for Alyson who sings karaoke in a smoky bar called the Galaxy

(published in 2004 as "Alison's Galaxy") 

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