"Outline for Something Wrong"

by Jeph Johnson 

Do something wrong and you're either... 

A. "Wanted: Dead or Alive" 
This is for the poor, powerless and underprivileged. 
   1.  Warning people about you is "being a good citizen."  
   2.  You get put on registries and plastered on telephone poles. 
   3. Bon Jovi writes flattering songs about you.  
       a. They're popular songs 
   4. Life is lost to death, imprisonment or slavery. 
       a. You're fucked 

B. "Unwanted: Assassinated or Censured/Impeached/Dismissed
This is for the rich, powerful and privileged.  
   1. Opposing you too boldly gets your naysayers investigated and/or detained by the Secret Service.  
   2.  You get rewarded with good lawyers, more power and privilege.  
   3.  Rage Against the Machine writes unflattering songs about you. 
       a. They're unpopular songs 
   4.  Life is lived to the fullest while others suffer. 
       a. You get away with it. 
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