Randomly Generated Predictive Text Poem #22: "A List of Relationship Troubles"

by Jeph Johnson's LGStylo 


Try the same thing as you are trying to get away with. 


A champion of the land of his heart and soul. 


Here's the list of things that I have trouble relating to (alphabetical):


A= American League pitching 

B= Board members 

C= Center to the city 

D= District of Columbia 

E= Executive to the top of our list 

F= Forum for the most popular video games 

G= Girls to read 

H= Homes in New York City 

I=  Island of South Dakota 

J= Just a few days before the wedding 

K= Kangaroo and the other one 

L= Lyrics to show you how to make the payment 

M= Media guide for the first few days of the Fall 

N= National Park and the city to find out more about the fetish  

O= Obama and his friends are more than welcome to come 

P= Plan to make the right decisions for the future 

Q= Questions about a few of these things that I need to do to get the ball rolling 

R= Real estate market is also a great way of working on this project 

S= Star in the top of the list of items to be added to the website 

T= TV service is not available in your area to be sure of the other ladies 

U= University of Michigan and the city of San Antonio 

V= Village hotel rooms for the same day as the football game 

W= Williams is a great example of how the world is going to pull out of the box 

X= X-ray from the old page of your blog and the way it is not a bad deal 

Y= Yemen and the apprehension you showed proves I was a bit more time than I thought you were going to be in town 

Z= Zoning for the first few days of my life with my wife to see if she can get a new car for you to use 


Author's Notes/Comments: 


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