Randomly Generated Predictive Text Poem #17: "The Computer Cooler"

by Jeph Johnson's LGStylo 



With a number of people. 

But to be honest


With me and my family


For a while... and it will never get to you. 


I am human and I am hungry for the night. 


Okay with the fact

That I was able to find 

A person you can actually use

For your computer

To work on your phone. 


Thank you for sharing your fears with me;

You have a good time with your team. 


I am not a good solution.

I have a few questions


For you, regarding the job? 

I was smothering

to a couple of other ones

to be sure. 


I will love you with all of your information.


Please let me take you to the brink of your life.


You have to understand

That you are not a member of the community...

It is not even a big problem for me. 

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