Randomly Generated Predictive Text Poem #9: "Video Slurp"

by Jeph Johnson's LGStylo 

Coincidental and you were able to make the payment. 


I will send you a video slurp

for your business and the

best of luck with the new one

for the first. 


I have one book that you could use

to make the most sense. 


I think it's healthy to do what we are doing. 


We are not sure how many people

will have the ability to make a decision. 


The vows of this country and the world

has been very helpful to us. 


The postage was under warranty.

I have no problem.  


I'm going to try to get it done with a new version. 


If people didn't get a chance to listen to this video game

and the video is not easy to use the.

the phrase of your body is a bit more. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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