"My Letter to Ray Fremont, Jr., Poet"



I first discovered your work on postpoems.org and then made my way to your website. I like your Cue Ball poem. I think you have a good sense of irony (perhaps too weird, but I have no problem with that!) I feel you need to add more sex to attract the masses-perhaps a nude picture or something.  Since we both are in the same boat maybe I can publish you and you publish me and we can put one of those books out that you flip over; you know the type where my book is upside down at the end of your book?  That would be better than a Spanish version/English version like they usually do. We can get filed in the various authors section of Waldenbooks. It will be like when Nirvana put out a 45 record (limited edition difficult to find and extremely valuable especially if one of us dies).  Wouldn't it be funny if say you did die and since we had this combined poetry flipbook out all the people at the New York Times Book Review or some girl at Poetry Magazine came and interviewed me asking me questions about you, but since I don't even know you I could make up this cool stuff about you and you could become some sort of 21st century legend.  I don't know how old you are but I bet Leonardo DiCaprio could get back to being typecast as a good actor who plays troubled or retarded teens or poets rather than these stupid action romance heroes. You may enjoy my poetry site also so I have added a link. 

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Response from Raymond M. Fremont Jr:


Okay Poetryguy,  I'll play your little game.  Sharing eh?  Okay, I'll put a link on my page for you and you for me.  All the Great American pastime of sharing democracy, the clap, feelings, free firewood.  Okay Poetryguy, I'm down and out.  I'm with you.  By the way,  I don't like your hypothetical [idea] of me dying (even though the Leonardo DiCaprio idea is H-o-double-T hot).  You seem old, how about you die?  We'll introduce Sean Connery...dashing Debonair, old.  What do you say?  I dig your work. 

Raymond M. Fremont, Jr. 

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