Bound souls

Souls bound for eternity

He from a royal fraternity

She an elemental High Preistess or Queen

But what would be in store what was to be seen


The crows appeared in the deal

Her Majik was only to heal

But others saw differently she was convicted to burn

The Sovereign stepped in because of his yearn


They met in the corn field when ever they could

Souls intertwined... I dont think they should

He could not marry due to his royal line

Her scorned mother bound them forever and poisioned his wine.


Into the future they both knew

They both had other loves they had to flew

Her love was unfaithful and she knew it would not last

Her husband had many and was bound to a girl from the past


They both said they were each others friend

And both knew it was wrong till the end

Then one night an innocent kiss

They both stepped back, their hearts amiss


They loved each other and knew of the plight

He was definite and it was time to unite

She was lonely and thought she had no ties

It was infidelity and told him no lies


A single sentence bought it to an end

A broken heart that would not mend

He had never loved before, it was better this way

Both lost their trust and didnt know what to say


Time heals all we often think

They came back together only for a drink

He was undecided and could not trust

She knew she could turn him around with a flash of her bust


The siren would get her own way

And for six months would he stay

They were like oil and water, it did not blend

After many fights it was the end


Time went on they thought they were duty bound

Emotions were like a roller coaster around and around.

Things started to settle and then one day

She text him that he had his final pay


The infidel called her princess, that was enough

She was blinded by want and liked it rough

He promised her a white picket fence and the life

But the infidel already had girl friends and a wife


Shattered she was but it was her bound souls fault

All she wanted from him was to become his family like pepper and salt

They patched it up again on a promise from him

For a further ten months he moved in.


They went to Hawaii to reunite the spark

She would cry about what she had done when ever it dark

He tried to forgive as good as he could

But something was wrong he didnt know where he stood


Oil and water it still didnt mix

She became drunk and abusive and refused his dicks

She said she would not speak to her infidel again

Off to Sydney at a work conference where she couldnt reframe


He lost trust and could see no future

He didnt keep his promise because she was an abuser

He moved out and the saga went on

All he wanted was to break the contracts and the bond


She knew better she thought she could solve

She is now cursed because this love cant evolve

On an on it will go, she will try and forget

The contracts will continue forever I bet.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

True story

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