When I Think Of Home

Blue skies

Green grass with

specks of yellow from dandilions

A sweet smell of honeysuckle in the air

Beez buzzing

Dragonflies zipping

Butterflies fluttering

Owls hooting


Apple trees

Warm summer breeze

Grape vine

Crisp lenins on the line


Kids screaming and laughing from playing hide n' seek

Happy riding their bike everyday of the week


Rain showers on just one side of the street

Powerful thunder storms

Only a breif momment we'd be without power

Playing inside we'd build a card tower

And when it's all dry we'd go outside and pick flowers


Milk man!! we'd hear him yell

The thud on the porch made us run,

it's the paper boy, we could tell

Here comes the insurance man

Had to have coverage so we'd be well

Got ----on our knee when we fell


Fried chicken, white rice n' gravy

Cabbage n' corn bread

Not one meal did we dread

Grandma can we have some more

Not one crumb hit the floor

We'd like to run out the door when

we got our weekly dose of castoria

Oh! The joys of childhood

I would go back if I could


For now I just have these

" Wounderful "

memories to go back to...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love thinking back to when i was a little girl. it's good therapy. hey!! anyone knows the stuff that was put on your knee when you fell. it was or is red and it made your sore red. it had a little wand in the top.

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Tavia's picture

It was called macuacorn- I believe that is the correct spelling! For some reason, I used to like when grandma put that stuff of my knee- It made me feel special for some reason- It let everybody know that I had a boo-boo (smile)
Remember we used to sit under the grapevine and at times we would try our luck with the pear tree (smile)- Maybe would find one that was soft enought to eat, "man", seemed like they never got ripe no matter how long they sat in the window!!!!