To My Sister With LOVE

Nothing can compare to our lifes experiences

Every memory is a trinket in my heart

The good, the bad

The smiles, the frowns

Nothing can tear us apart we've been through

So many things from the start

But thats what made us strong

I want to say if I've ever done you wrong

I'm sorry


If I never told you that I love you

I do

Look how time flew

We are all grown up now with children of our own

If I could do life a rewind I would turn back time

to where you were seven and I was nine

playing with our barbies and homemade barbie cars

made out of the finest materials

~ the english muffin container ~

I want to say to my sister with love

You are as presious as a dove

Keep up the good work and handle yourself with care

Don't be in dispare

When life throws you a curve ball

Hit a home run

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love you baby sis. and TY for your comments on my poems

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Tavia's picture

Yes, if you name it we have more than likely been through it from good to bad. I am firm believer that whatever you go through can only make you stronger, so yes "WE" are that. It takes a man to build a castle but only a women to run it. So by saying that I must say that you are a wonderful mother, you are smart, very creative and I know that with Gods help and guidance you will achieve whatever it is that you are striving for. It may seem hard but we all have a purpose and a plan. So keep up the good work, I love you too!!