Drunk And Angry At The World

I heard a thump

In the kitchen we flew

Oh! My God

What do we do

Out the back door we ran

I hate my moms man

He had a mean hand

Drunk and angry at the world

Around the corner was the bar

We didn't have to go far

Our uncles we found

Mississippi has mama on the ground

We saw him on top of her

They ran so fast

Like they were in the 50 yard dash to

take care of that trash who thought

that my mama he could bash

Author's Notes/Comments: 

you know he never came back after that.

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Tavia's picture

I know from the time I saw him in our kitchen on Spring St when I came home from school that he was no good!! I was only in the 3rd grade and I knew. I wouldn't even speak to him- Yall were in the kitchen eating clams- I remember that like it was yesterday!!!!