It's A Shame

It's a shame

Whos to blame

for the deaths

of nearly 3,000


Should I mention a name


We all know

For no compation did he show

It's a shame

He's angry at who

Himself for ignoring the telegrams

It's a shame

He's smart

and yet so dumb

It's a shame

He knew, he knew

and yet he did nothing

He knew all along

that all was wrong

What is with you

and the money of Iraq

What a fool

Protect your country

is what he swore to do

It's a shame

He knew

Author's Notes/Comments: 

you could see on his face from the begining and now that the so called leader of this country knew that we were under attack. there is a nasty little smurk on his face and there is just something not right with him. he is a cheat. he cheated his way into office and he cheated the country and he cheated many families their loved ones from 9/11 to this nasty war. wake up america. enough is enough.

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nice work!!! Keep writing