Yes I Am Muslim

Yes I am muslim

How do you do


May I ask

What is it to you

I would just like to ask you some questions


May I start with your dress


Are you hot in that

Do you have to wear that in the house

Do you have hair under there

Do you belive in Jesus

What about the Bible

I welcome your questons and would love to address them

Simply my dress covers my shape and protectes me from the elements

My body is mine and for my husdands eyes and not an for all show

I do not wear this in the home

I have beautiful,comfortable and sexty clothing that I wear in the home

And when I am out and about I'm as hot as you are and do not sweat no more than you do with bairly nothing on

so lets move on

Yes I am muslim

And we belive in Jesus

He was a prophet like

Adam and Noha

The bible is one of the books we belive in and understand that it has been changed and not in its true form

Although brief I sure hope I was of some help

Here is my number if you would like to know more

And to answear your last inquiry wich is so funny to me

Once you learn more and become muslim you will see the we all have hair and it is done with flair

Some time went by


Soon she utterd those beautiful words

And was not shy to say

Yes I am muslim

And to answear the same simple questions in her own words that came her way as they did mine that nice summer day

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my point is that some sisters in islam are very rude when it come to answearing the non-muslims question. never know the inpact that you may have on a person by being kind and  look what that kindness did. it helped bring this woman to islam and iansweared in my own words not to confuse her and she did call me to ask more questions and i gave her the source.....and she did the same when someone came here way

you go girl!!!!!

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This poem was tight...I really enjoyed it.