On The Verdge

Killing you was on my mind

Jumping off the tallest skyscraper

Reading about me in the mews paper

On the verdge of having a break down

In the morge is where my corps will be found....

For I'm stamding on the tracks somewhere out back

Waiting for a train.

I can't stand the strain.

Wanting to punch anyone looking like you.

Didn't think I would pull through.

When I was just on the verdge of doing you in.

I was reminded of the grave sin


Was not going to let you pull me


Author's Notes/Comments: 

everyone has a point to where they are going to loose it.

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Corey Fox's picture

very good poem

one love Corey & co

Karyn Indursky's picture

We all have our boiling points and at some point it taints our rationality. When we're smart, we choose to write about it, sing, excerise, paint, or anything constructive to put our excess energy, emotions into. I'd much rather have us doing this than taking another's life. Unless it's self defense and not provoked self defense, it's unforgivable in my book. God is certainly more accepting than I. Maybe, someday I can learn how, but not at this moment.