Children Of Africa




And hopeful

This is the children of Africa

Their bright smile so encouraging

Their spirt so strong

Their dance so inspirational


Walking miles away from home bare foot on a winding dirt road

They were not told they would get neat little sneakers for their feet

Jumping for joy

They could not wait to receive their toys


Although sadness is in the air

These children have a certian flair

Nothing can compare


The children of Africa have a unique story to be told

It shall be told

And told with grace


Growing up so fast, not able to be a child

Raising siblings, careing for ailing parents

And tending the garden

Not once asking for a pardon


The children of Africa have a beautiful soul

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another tribute to Africa.

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Corey Fox's picture

beautiful and descriptive!

one love Corey & co

Karyn Indursky's picture

I watched a show on these children of Africa. Opera was in it and was telling about how they live, what they go through, what they want, and the amount of help they need. It's such a shame to watch these beautiful people starve, go uneducated, die. I hope we can keep working on making a difference and will see one.