A Song Bird Sings

In a savannah

Far far away

A song bird sings.

The melody Rings

Rings into the deepest canyons to the highest mountians.

It sweetens all the fountians

And fertilizes all the land.

It uplifts the village peoples souls

The song bird sings,

Sings a song,

A song filld with pride, hope and joy.

It's an inspiration,

An inspiration to help the villiagers get to their destination

Their destination of freedom

Freedom from poverty and sickness

~  ~

Keep singing song bird

Sing loud

Sing clear

Sing for all to hear

Lead me to the savannah

So I can lend a helping hand in the " Mother Land "

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another tribute to Africa.
These beautiful people with wonderful hearts nedd our help. The land is calling us. I want to heed to her call. I want to go to Africa and help those less fortunate than I.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

Beautiful images in this. There's nothing as touching as appreciating the people and creatures around you. You certainly helped me feel as though I was there. Thanks.

Corey Fox's picture

Beautiful poem, keep it up!

one love Corey & co