Take Your Own Advice

Words so powerful,


Warm and kind.

Posted for all to see.

Why don't you take heed.

You are doing a wonderful deed.

Helping others with such beautiful words.

Words waiting to be heard.



What a wonderful life.

There's a message in every one.

Stop rolling the dice.

Take your own advice.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes ......I am talking to myself. You ask for help and you are trying to help others .......man!!! What I am trying to say is you give advice and you should adhear to what you are saying.  WHY IS THAT SO HARD?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Karyn Indursky's picture

There's something about this poem and the comments that sound more like a riddle than a concrete poem. You're not getting to the heart of what you're saying and it makes it confusing. I understand you wish people would take their own advice, but it's ridicules when you're not clear on it. I feel like you're holding back and keeping your tongue in your cheek to keep the rhyme going. I think you should step back and write at length what you're getting at. Anyway, keep writing. I'm sure what's plaguing you will come out sooner or later. And I want to read it to understand what's going on. That way I can help you overcome it and move forward. What else are friends for?