Why? Why? Why?

I don't understand.

How could this have happen to me?

As much as I didn't like the treatment. I am now doing it.

There is no excuse, but...

I think I feel if I don't act this way,

I will get the same (as before).

I know Al-amin is not your name.


Dear!, This was my fear.

My eyes filled with tears.

I'm Sorry,

I don't want to be like this.

It wasn't in my wish.

Why? Why? Why?

I can't figure it out.

Please be patient with me.

You will see,

I will get it together.

It will soon all be better.

I will get through this stormy weather.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i was hurt for along time, and now that i am starting anew i feel angry and i know my faults and i have to correct them. this is not me and i am very upset at myself. maybe some one can give me some advice.
this poem is the 3 part of happy.

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No that is not what I am saying.... I am saying that I do not want to treat a new relationship badly based on the crap from my past one.
...Like thinking that your new relationship will be like before aand you have your gard up and you are acting like a totle a%%. I do not want to do this.
Sorry it took me so long to clarify.

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I often feel like I've made similar mistakes to yours in my relationships- saying the wrong name... saying the wrong thing... ugh... that is such an awful feeling, isn't it- I'm very moody and can snap on the drop of a dime, but I keep trying to get it together too- I really only have the advice of Keep Trying... if you have a good man he will still love you and he will try to understand you... good luck dear!!! :-)