They Don't See What I See

Happy and smiling.

I know your lieing.

Only when your out and about;

There is no doupt.

You'll show them your pearly whites.

All you showed me were fights.

They asked me why?

They think I am telling a lie.

They don't know the rigamaroe.

They have not been there long to see.

There are only two who can vouch for me.

I want them to know why I must go.

I want them to see how you really treat me .


Want to know why they don't see what I see.

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Timothy Besser's picture

awsome poem so many people hid how the act to others just cause the think they are right in how they acted and won't let others see to deicede for themselfs for how can humans be cruel to one other is a sad thing and i hate seening it myself glad i checked out your poetry awsome poetry keep writing maybe i'll read some more and thanxs for reading mine

David Richardson's picture

So beautifully written and oh so so so true. Your lover has to be your best friend-your soulmate-you you can trust no matter the time or situation. If he is not truthful to you then he is not worth the time of day. If this is theb care my lady then MOVE ON for the beauty in life is precious life itself-every mere second of it. We all do not know how long our stay wil be on this earth so we must treat every second of life like it is are very last. Thank you Jewnita for sharing your thoughts and poetry with me and please take care. Please take care and have a very safe and beautiful New Year.

Dave Richardson
12/31/03 10:02am est