All I Wanted

Sunday paper

Cassified adds

Employment section

Work from home

Picked up the phone

Left a message

Days later the phone rings

Ms. S. D. introduced herself to me

Explained a job from home telemarketing


Why did you lie to me

All I wanted was what every mother wants


You said I could not trust the other cats


It was you who could not be trusted

You dirty rat


Isn't it funny

You got my money

You are a theif

What else lies under your hat you ugly bat


Many phone calls and lots of excuses from you

I should have known you were giving me the " shew "


All I wanted was to know when I would receive my package

Getting it together you'd say

It's on its way


Weeks turned months

I was begining to realize I was never going to get it


I was angry and upset, you bet


All I wanted was my package and to work from home

Receint calls to you led to upsetting you

Nare time did I disrespect you

I explaind to you my situation, you said it was not your problem


I said I would call the authorities


It did not push you to your priorities

Priority to send what you owe me

Can't you see

See that you are wrong

How could you sing a happy song......Knowing you rip people off

I still have yet to receive my package or my money back

I preceive I never will

I wish you no harm


I wish you get what you deserve


That is no vacation on reserve

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The poem is pretty self explanitory. I applied for a home based job telemarketing and got ried off......and I went off but in a nice way and one thing lead to another. All I have to say is BE CAREFUL!!!!

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

Man, that must have sucked ass. I'm sorry to hear that.

Karyn Indursky's picture

This reminds me of when I was unemployment. You get less than what you made and it's supposed to lack two weeks, pay bills, supply food and drink, buy gas, etc. It really doesn't stretch and you find out when you drop off those applications you wasted your time because they don't call back or let you know what's going on. It's truly sad because some people like myself actually want to work and earn money respectively, but when company's operate this way it makes it very different. Sometimes, it makes me understand why people sell drugs, prostitute, and what not. They have families to care of and it's the only way they have to get money when employer's keep shoving them out the door. Such a tragedy.