The truth

I think of you all the time.

You are always on my mind.

Constantly sitting and woundering

what our life would be like.

Hopeing our souls take flight.

You are my destiny.

I want you next to me.

I long with much desire and anticiption to feel you.

My dreams so true; the passion.

I want you.

I need you.

When I am with you I feel so warm.

Looking in youreyes make me tingle


I wish we can gingle.

The truth

is that, I love you.

And it is time overdue.

I want you to know, I hate when you go.

So please understand.......

I want you in my life.


I want to be your wife.

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Rachel  Marie Tate's picture

Hey hon, this is a sweet one about love~ I'm glad that you are happy with love and I hope it continues as long as you want it to- lovely :-)