Dear Grandma

I can't think of a name more sweet.

Always giveing me treats.

Was there to comfort me when I would weep.

Told me no hill was to steep.

You raised your own; now they are grown.

You saw in your heart not to tear us apart,

taking us in with your lovely grin.

The struggle was not easy.

Money was cheesey.

Nare time did you regret or go and get a check.

"Thank You!"

For you showed me how to be a woman.

Had to sit and listen to your sermon.

Made me sit and watch everything in the kitchen.

Nothing I was miss'n.

Outside in the garden, nare time you gave a pardon.

In the tub I would scrub, then hang 'em out to dry.

Through the day I would play. Then you would say,

"check the line they seam dry."

I am greatful to thee for all you have tought me.

Such wounderful things you let me see.

You did your job twice fold.

Your memeries will be told.

Now that you are gone, I often feel alone. You were my back bone.

I often wish I could go back home. But there will be no one there to great me.


How I wish to see thee. You were so good to me.

I miss you so much.

I yern your motherly touch.

Although it has been 15 years,

It is still hard for me.

I often cry.......Why did you have to die?

I hate I had to say,

"Good Bye!!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

in memory of my grandmother who was very dear to me...and she saw in her heart to raise my sister, cousin and I. I love you maII

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Corey Fox's picture

beautiful hon! keep writing! one love Corey & co

Octavia Sallie's picture

I feel exactly the same way- You are a great writer! Keep up the good work!!
Your baby sister,