Is that all you can say?

Seams so.

It's been a long awaited day.

All day at work, happy to see you home.

You are the king of my throne.

Puckered lips waiting to be kissed.


How can you be so cold?

Dinner is done.

We all gather aroung the table to eat.

You remove yourself from your seat,

and mumble some jumble....

Together for game night, you say turn out the light.

It makes a fight.

Arms open wide for a hug.

You say i am a bug.

Tired of rejection and feeling alone,

I fall asleep.

The desire of love comes over me.

Full of emotion I make the notion.

All you want is to sleep,

you make not a peep.

I lie there and weep.

I am in so deep.

Morning comes, I up and run.

Breakfast is done.

We al gather around the table to eat.

Trying to start a conversation,

not an easy sensation.

For i am constantly being ignored.

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Ozjan Yeshar's picture

Very well expressed – I have enjoyed reading your work. Keep that pen active.
Ozjan Yeshar