look back on the days of yesterday.


of nine years old.

Sweet stories to be told.


remember the days of yesteryear.

Advice I hold dear.

Not afraid to shead a tear.

So free,

able to be me.

Hide n' seek,

Going to the beach;

Patty cake;

Fish'n at the lake;

Double dutch;

N' Mc Donalds for lunch;

Fire flies;

N' rainbows in the sky;

Feeding the ducks;

The ice-cream truck;


Family pic-nics.

All these things I hold dear from my life of yesteryear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

they always say enjoy your childhood while you can........cuz once you are grown you will miss it.what a wounderful time we had adrienne...miss u so much.

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Girl Of Blue's picture

It's nice hearing some happy childhood memories for once. Thanks.

Karyn Indursky's picture

It's refreshing to have some embrace the past instead of disguarding it. I find I learn more by holding onto it and not forgetting what I've gone through. That way I don't have to suffer the same consequences over and over. Thank you for sharing this write and showing that there's nothing wrong with reflecting.

Corey Fox's picture

who said You gotta grow up? i'm a thirty year old teen!!!

one love Corey & co

David Richardson's picture

Beautifully written with so much love and memories of yesterday. Literally brought tears to my eyes.So so beautifully and hertwarming. Your visionalization skills are so so so vivid. You write beautiful poetry Jewnita-please never never stop writing.Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem with me and please take care. Have a very beautiful and safe New Year.

Dave Richardson
12/31/2003 10:12am est

Joe Ferguson's picture

A very upbeat poem. I must admit I don't read many of these types but I think you hit very well on the nostailgia of childhood. The only thing I do not remember doing myself is double dutch. Very well written. Good job.