I am thinking of you, woundering, loving you,

dayzed and bewilderd.

Loving you, scared, confused, dayzed and loving you.

I want you to understand why I question; and I want you to know of my past.

I am thinking of you, woundering, loving you, dayzed and bewilderd loving you. Scared, confused, dayzed, loving you.

No rejections, No mean words, No harsh looks....

Love is not that at all.

I remember sound...

Crisp and sharp.

I remember air...

Cool, clean and fresh.

I remember blue skies...

Clear and bright.

I remember oak trees...

sheltering and shady.

I remember green grass...

soft and plush.

I remember rain...

So refreshing.

I remember snow...

Cool and revigerating.

I remember love...

Sweet, kind, and gental.

This is what love is.

Thinking of you....

confused, dayzed and bewilderd.



Not wanting of my past and not knowing of the future.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just woundering if i should get into a new relationship....not wanting to deel with the bull sh--.

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Bryant Harland's picture

Wonderful poem, many ideas and emotions are expressed very well. The repitition of the words "Dayzed" and "Confused" make the poem come even more alive. The passage where the narrator is remembering things is also put together well. The ideas are broken up between different lies, creating the feeling of confusion. Great work, you have a lot of talent.