Day Dream

As the sun rose, I saw your face.

Your lips I long to taste.

The fresh smell of dew, somehow brought me closer to you. The sweet essence of your breath.

Seamed you were on my breast.

Butterflies; around, as I lie here on the ground.... thinking of you.

I look up to the sky at the clouds; it was all spelled out, White, Feathery and Fluffy.

So superb........ Quite lovely words.


A gental breeze stired up woodsy essence, your cologne.

I am not alone. For you are here with me.

In my heart and in my thoughts is where you'll always be.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

its really a good and impressive poem... well done... the idea and the way you did is also great and rhythmic... hope you go through my poems too... valentine day my friend... hope you be promoting the lovely feelings to the readers in the same way of writing always...

Karyn Indursky's picture

Smiles wickedly. If I had a daydream come true, it'd be erotic. Thanks for the reminder of how great daydreams are!

Corey Fox's picture

Niiiiiiiiiice! Say it with me Niiiiiiiiiiice! Well it is! i like it! Keep on doing it girl! one love Corey & co.