Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde II ( It's Time For Me To Go )

It's okey.

Cuz today I want to say;

" FREE ME ".

You do not deserve me.

You are ungreatful and inconsiderate.

Nine years gone.

Nothing to show for.

Heart broken,

I made up my mind.

I deserve to be wined and dined.

I stayed for too long.

Had me thinking that I had wronged.

Wasn't me , I had to see.

All I wanted was to stand by thee.

Love and be loved.

Instead I was shoved.


Found someone new,

No not a shrude.

Spends time and more than a dime.

Says I am his shrine.

Will never make me cry.

For me he will die.

So full of compliments and very good temperment.

Says he is lucky to have a woman as this.

I am every part of his wish.

Nothing about me is a dis.

I know I got my wish.

A man

So compasionate as this.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2nd part to dr j. mr h.

she left and i am so happy

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Corey Fox's picture

very good poem!

one love Corey & co