Friendship And Inspiration "Isn't Life Funny"

We met only a few days ago.

But I feel I've known you a life time.

Isn't life funny?

You bring tinglies to my tummy. Logged into the net, chatten away.

OH! Dear, You appear. Greatings exchanged, conversation started, then you parted..... to cook. You came back to give me a look.

You poems unique and children bright and beutiful.

Your "Friendship" is welcomed and adored. Am happy to see you when you are abord the net.

Isn't life funny ?

I thought you were a girl when we first met.

A friendship has bloomed.

Inspirations transcribed.

Friends have nothing to hide.

I will always be by your side wishing you luck.

"Thank You!!" For your Inspiration.

Made words run through my head like Grand Central Station.

Grabed a pen and paper. Not a thought gone to waste.

Isn't life funny?

We have a base. (friendship) And such good taste. (poetry)

I am glad to have you as my friend.

And friends we shall always be till the very end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem was inspired by corey, who is also apart of the poety wold, and belongs to postpoetry. i met him through our love of poetry. (him not her) lol, lol. he wrote a poem that he said,"i inspired."
so.......... i thought to do the same as a token of my appreciation.

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Corey Fox's picture

this is such a beautiful poem! i am glad that i have been able to touch Your life so. the gift of words runs through You as well. one love Corey & co