A word so dear, but not often near.

My dear father, was it a bother?

I wish you were here to see me grow.

The things I want you to know.

Did you think of me at any day?

I would not have been in your way.

It would have been wounderful for you to stay; so

I could have spent with you "FAHTERS DAY".

I wish I had the chance to say, "I love you".

To sit on your lap 'n listen to a story would have been the perfect glory.

You sit and watch me play would have been a spectacular day.

A lazy afternoon, eating ice-cream and sharing a spoon.

But instead.

I lay under the moon,

waiting a shooting star; to make a wish.

That someday I will feel your kiss.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

wish you were there dad.

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pangan_l_l's picture

You've weaved one precious poem
for one person who means a lot to
your existence. A sad piece indeed.

Keep writing.