Dr.Jekyll, Mr. Hyde

When I met you, you were so sweet and kind.

Witty and gitty. You made me feel pretty.

T'was me you wanted to wine and dine. Wasn't hard for you to spend a dime.

Was me you wanted as your wife. Said," You'd give me the perfect life".

You took my hand and now I stand by your side.

Enjoyed everything I fried.

So I sighed, "Life can't get no better than this, such wedded bliss.

But then I got the "DIS".

The hell with pretty you look shitty.

You don't deserve my time, not even as much as a dime.

Couldn't belive my ears, eyes filled with tears.

Not a word you took back. T'was like a slap.

No more sitting on your lap, not even  kiss.

What happened to my wedded bliss. What did I do to deserve this?

So maney showers, then you'd bring flowers. Made me happy in every way.Then you would say, "What the hell is this, tastes like decay,  Was a time you made my day, just get out my way".

So hard I tried to be by your side. How I wish I had died.

Couldn't hide my feelings inside.

With the slip of the toung, words like a slide.

Made you feel dumb.

In shame, you came with candy. You were handy. Made me feel dandy. Wanting you inside. You touched my thigh; and pressure applied. Once again you made my day in each and every way.

Then it came back like a theif , a slip of the rug from underneith.

You need to pack yo bag and go. G'wan 'n hit the do'w. You nothing but a hoe.

Tired of this woe. T'was you I'll show.

Running behind me, begging please on hands and knees. Oh! How I love you so. please don't go. I'll show you I care. No more dispare. You are my queen. I shall not be mean. I do not know what it is that makes me "DIS". What happened to our wedded bliss? You did nothing to deserve this. It's you I want to kiss.

But in the blink of an eye. Without a sigh.

You began to deny the words you just told me.

I would have never been with a woman such as thee.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The things some women go through in marriage.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

I can see why www.poetry.com is publishing you and putting you on their CD set. You hold a lot of rhythm and style along with passion. Your dialogue adds a lot to your poetry as well. By the way, I do know of the site and have works of mine on there as well. It's a small world, isn't it? Yes, they have published me in their books and put me on their CD sets too. Maybe, if you're interested, we can write back and forth talking about PostPoems, Poetry.com, and poetry in general. In any case, though, please, don't stop writing because you're very talented and witty.