I look at you and can hardly belive tweleve years has gone by.

You were just a little girl sitting on my thigh.

Where has the time gone?

Almost as tall as I.

I look at you and cry.

What a beutiful young lady you have come to be.

I want to say, "Thank You",

for helping me.

Your smile so bright,

it is my light,when I am down.

You know just the words to say to make my day.

Now, it is your turn,

to swing and sway.

Hope you have a wounderful day.


It's your day to shine,

you beutiful girl of mine.

HAPPY 6th grade


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for my daughter Yasmine. Such a wouderful girl,so smart and bright. Thank You for everything....."Helping you with your school work as you helped me", You'd say. Thank you for the brakefast on saturday's, and for playing with your bro. & sis. while I sleep late.

Again, Thank You!
love, Ummy

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Tim / manatee Marshall's picture

HI,the love in your poem makes me feel super,i wish more kids had mothers like you,i think i'll call my son ! thanks for sharing
L&Peace to you all