Say It Aint So

The time came when you had to go.

We cried , "Say it aint so".

So small you had'n the chance to grow.

The angle came and swept you away.

Leaving our days dark and gray.

We had'n the chance to say, "Good Bye".

So maney tears came from our eyes

You came back to me; not to stay,but only to say,

"Please don't cry, whipe your tears, have no fear.

I am here in heaven praying and waiting you. Sorry my stay with you was short, but that was how it was written.

It wasn't for you to be smitten or slighted. But delighted for the time we did share. Plesae do not be in dispare, for you showed me all your care.

So do dare to smile again. Show me that motherly grin".

Say,"It aint so ", I want you to know,"I love you so.Don't think any other way. Just know that I would have loved to stay. But he clled for me,this is where he wanted me to be".

"So don't worry. He too will call for you some day.And as promissed I will be here waiting. And when asked I will say, "you are my Umm, I came from her womb".

Then we shall be together; Everything will be better".

Don't say, "It aint so".

"For I have to go back to my new home, where I shall roam free and wait thee.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In memory of my son Naim who died of S.I.D.S.
3/23/1993 - 8/14/1993
Love Mommy

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

Man, this almost made me cry, it was so emotional and real.
I am deeply sorry for your loss, but he is in a better place.
Rest assured knowing that. My heart goes out to you.