Today was the day

Today was the day-

You chose these words to say.

They made me happy, so gay.

They made me sway.

What a wounderful tune.

Today was the day-

I heard the song of a Blue Jay.

Today was the day-

That passion took it's play, and i choose to stay with you in your arms and slip away in the musical soiree.

Today was the day-

That you chose to convey these three simple words.

It took such curage to say; and without delay you began to say, " I LOVE YOU ".

Today was the day this first of May,was a beutiful day that I chose to say in the same way, " I LOVE YOU TOO "

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Rachel  Marie Tate's picture

This was cute- I especially loved the use of the word 'soiree' niiiicee :-) I like saying that word out loud hee hee :-) So happy for you that you found the person you wanted to say I love you to and that he wanted to say it back to you. Fortune smiling down on you :-)