Funny Bunny

Wanting you so bad

I gave it  everything I had

My second son gone

Pregnated again


Araid of pain

Pain of the unknown

Would you be allowd to stay with me

Only in time I will see

Wanting so much to know if you were a girl or boy

Those legs you would not spread

A part of me felt dead

I wanted to know

I now know why

God had a wonderful surprise

Abeautiful baby girl

eight pounds, my heavyest

And twentyone inches long, my longest

Now nine years old

I am happy to have you

You are my funny bunny

Never knowing what is going to fly off that toung

Can't wait to see your latest dance moves


Laughing so hard when you would slip in you pretty black shoes

The songs you would sing

And the shows you would put on will forever be with me

Keep me laughing

You are a wonderful daughter

God gave me what I needed


That was you

To keep me happy

Singing and


I love you so much

MY lil funny bunny

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for my daughter Aminah. I lost my second son to SIDS in 1993 And when I learnd I was expecting again I wanted a boy so bad. But the Dr,'s would not tell me what the sex was ans the tech. could not see.....I am so happy to have a wondeful daughter like keep us laughing and on our toes.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

Awww...such a sad, but happy, beautiful poem. It's sad what women endure to have that one special child. But when they do they couldn't ask for more. Children are a rare, special gem from God. It's a miracle how one semen developes into one tiny being and grows fromm not only the inside, but the out. It's mystical and wonderful. Thank you for sharing.