It Happend To America

So proud

So Free

Living our life anyway we want it to be

Money and honey

Beans and greens


Land so rich


Yet there's a glich.

Theres no Robin Hood here

A world away some live in fear

They would die to come here to tast what we say is grace

Why do we steel from the poor so the rich can get richer

Don't we have enough

Why did we call their bluff

If we can't have we take, and it's no day at the lake (war)

Why do we depribe those who are needy

Food can be sent in gross, medicine is need the most

A land divided

Two cultures fighting for years

Has always brought me to tears

A religion not understood

Islam will be known to all man, Why do we fear the unknown

The truth shall be shown

Taking sides

just listening to those who dominate this country (jews)

Always helping those who already have an advantige


Stop, look and listen to the cries of the middle east

Why are they portraid to be the beast


Contrair to say the least

It's a shame

Who's to blame

Lashing out isn't the way to go

Knowledge we should gain

Understanding we should show

Lend an ear

Have no fear

Give a helping hand to rebuild this land

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just want all this to come to an end. there is two sides to this poem. i only posted side 1. it took me awhile to post...not knowing what people may think.....and their comments.

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Karyn Indursky's picture

This is a very angry poem. It caught me off guard from how you started it, but it's not a bad things. You raised some interesting issues that i wish I knew the answers for, but I don't. Most of us fall into the poor and middle class area. We could certainly used help with money and life quuality, but as you've pointed out this world is aimed for the rich, not the common people. I hope and pray people don't give up on making it better for not only themselves, but everyone else and we can be the best we can be as a group, instead of classes.