Stayed..... Poem/Short Story

Black, blinded can't see. Left, right not even in front of me.

Cought up in a rut. Work, work why wont it work? Trying hard not to slip on lard. "Open, Open your eyes."  I hear you but I can't see you. Where is that voice coming from?  

"Hun get up off your bum. Walk toward the light, I have given you might. You stayed log eough. So tough, tough, tough. I showed you all the signs, Why did you think it was all in your mind?"

Black, blinded can't see. Left, right not even in front of me.

"Where are you going? Still bearing to the left. Man you are failing this test. You stayed for love, truly a wonderful thought. But that story was not one I bought. The truth I gave you to see. You failed to take heed. Said was I you need. You hear me I know. Listening was a "NO". How much more do you want me to show? Now here's the best one of all, I stayed for the children. Didn't want this to happen at all. Had to get you on that bouncing ball....Still not listening you hit a brick wall."

Where are you? I hear you I can't see you. Stop, stop I'm about to pop. Help me? I am on my hands and knees beging, beging please.

Black, blinded can't see. Left, right not even in front of me. I want to see... Work, work why wont it work?

"Open, open your ears. Dry up those tears. What you need it to take heed to what I am saying to you. The light has always been shining bright. You have not lost your sight. I have always been by your side everyday guiding you along the way. You stayed and prayed for it to work. I made him but you don't need this jerk. So perk up!! It's time, time, time, time for you to do you part. Look, look,look into your heart. Pull out each one of those darts. The healing has to beging and start from within. Now you shall begin. Untill then you will not see me and continue to ignore me."

Alone and secluded, the day I knew I would dread has come. Doing what was asked of me, I began pulling, plucking, snatching and yanking. Painful, painful, painful. Some on the surface. Some superficial, saome deep. The most difficult were heald over with a tough scar. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  By far, I got through the skin deep down within. I pulled them out. MMMMaaannnnnn...did I shout. Some were easy to remove, others tok time and skill, special care being careful not to tare. Don't get me wrong non of this took an Hour or two. Man!! This was long over due. All removed yet not soomth, scares ran deep. Deeper than deep. Deeper than the deepest depth. Deep, deep. deep, deep, deep. I'll be ok with each weep. I see you now and can hear you louder than before. All the hurt and negativity was not alowing me to see thee.

I understand now. I stayed for what? Stayed for me, not cuz he wanted it to be.

Wanting so bad not to belive what he was telling me. And it wasn't verbily.


you see, you stayed for all the wrong reasons."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i left the end the way i did cuz i did not want to make any excuses and felt that i would have if i had kept going. the story speeks for its self. how many women are doing this... staying in a relationship for all the wrong reasons.... my sister i worry bout her

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Many people stay for the wrong reasons like being afraid of being alone, feeling like a failure if they give up and walk away, money, sex, family, too scared to speak up, too ashamed to walk away, etc. I'd rather people do the right things instead of staying in a bad, dead end relationship, but to each their own.