Prom Night

It was like being drunk with you.

I was high on love;

On your love.

I sipped and I fed,

We danced for hours.

The sweat dripped from your pores,

Suffocating your cool skin.

Your gentle hands carressed my body

From head to toe.

You held me,

Begging her to leave me with you.

We were in our own world,

Where bodies touching,

Hands massaging,

Lips kissing

Was all you could do.

We want to be together,

We want to sit and talk

And kiss

And cuddle

For hours.

So that's just what we did.

We let the rest of the world walk out...

On our prom night.

"I love you," I caught you saying.

And you meant it.

Baby I knew you meant it.

I love you too.

Let's be together

For one more

Prom night.

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Sarah Brooks's picture

OMG HYPER BUDDY! I am in love with this poem. It's so adorable!