FlashForward (Now or Later? 2011)

It's early,

Or it's late,

I really can't tell the difference.

In my head

A thousand

Sounds and images

Roam free

Some buzzing about

Playing with my emotions

Keeping me awake.

Lights and colors reflect off of my closed eyelids

Forcing them to stay open

Forcing me awake.

He lies next to me,

Sleeping loudly

But somehow angelically.

I want to kiss him

Say goodnight

And move on to tomorrow morning,


Troubles are interrupting me now;

With their voices so pointy,

Their eyes glinting with evil.

I shoo them away

But they return to my side.

I must entertain their ideas,

Dabble in their arts for some time,

Until the task is done.

But force is just not a person I get along with.

Unnecessary things,

Any thing, any sort of "stuff"

That involves itself in my life

In my time

Being in the way of my goal

To make me meet requirements or not!...

Is a simple waste of my time.

I want to fast-forward this tape,

But remember the memories I didn't live

In the time I missed.

Is it time to leave this place yet?

Because I'm tired of waiting.

Stop this train that's hardly moving.

I want to get off.

It's time to live my life with him.

That's what I came here to do.

Let's delve into the world of words and alphabets and paper and pens

Computers and typewriters, lectures and notebooks

Full of mindless scribbles

That throw the world off of our one-track train

But make sense to us.

I just want to write.

I just want to live.

When it's your turn to make your own life,

Then maybe we'll live by your rules.

But for now,

It's time to take a step in the other direction.

Is it time to graduate yet?

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