Ode to a Lost Friend

It's that time of year

When life should be so perfect

And everything seems so clear.

But right now that's not the case

And we really aren't that close

Since we're not even talking

I have no reason to boast.

I loved it when you could tell me anything

I loved it when you were my best friend

We had so much going for us

But I feel it's coming to an end.

I am really scared to lose you

I'm afraid that you don't care

What else could I do though?

I'm afraid you're no even there.

It's sad to say I could be happy

But now that depends on you

I don't want to live these years

Exactly how I used to.

To be honest I don't want to lie

I'd love it if you were here again

I'd love you to be my very best friend

I'd love you to be the one upon whom I depend.

Now I know my wish doesn't matter

You'd rather push me away

But I don't want to be shattered

Thinking of you on Christmas Day.

I told you you're my world

Though it doesn't mean a thing

If only you'd unbreak my heart

And give my number a ring.

Please think about everything I told you

Don't let the words burn

My wish for us is to start over new

And help each other to learn.

Merry Christmas my dear

My heart is with you

Enjoy your New Year

And know I really love you.

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I know how you feel.