Would You Dare?

Let's pretend for just a minute

That I said something you liked.

If she dared you to kiss me,

Would you do it?

Not to add a mark to the board,

But to experience me.

Like I want to experience you.

To see how it feels to step out of my box,

Not wandering too far.

Going somewhere with you,

Keeping my cool.

Would you?

If I touched you,

What would you do?

What if you touched me,

Then what?

Would you be tempted even further?

Would you take the dare?

Or pretend for just a minute

That I only

Said something you liked?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

11/5/05..Written for someone close to me. I haven't known this person for too long and it's weird putting this out there when it's my deep feelings. Trying to resist something that feels so right but is so wrong...is so hard.

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Yoshie Scene's picture

very mysterious and beautiful..
very talented lovee.