Faith for Later

I remember living, and I remember living well.

I was a normal human being going about her business every day

And being with those whom I loved dearly.

My friends were always there for me from start to finish, through thick and thin.

They protected me

And cared for me.

Especially these two in particular.

He was my love,

She was nearly my sister.

They always kept me close and happy.

But one day was different

And it all changed like


You see, I always spent every waking moment with my loves, and went everywhere with them.

One day, however, I felt I wanted to take a breather.

He insisted we stay together, and she pushed for it even more.

I still resisted,

Though I wish I hadn't.

I remember the day--

A gorgeous September afternoon just before the weekend.

The sun shone down on my almost irreversible smile.

A crosswalk was coming up;

I watched carefully.

But then I heard it…

And all I saw was black.

My tiny ears heard a beeping when they awoke,

And my fragile heart was scared.

My body lay still and my skin felt all too warm.

Suddenly memories of my loves flashed before my eyes.

Just when I didn’t want to come to accept what was happing,

It was too late.

I guess I woke up some hundred years later.

I saw the world again,

Only through different eyes.

This time, I saw too many worlds.

I figured out what had happened.

I tried to scream and gasp for breath, but I was calm and serene.

That’s when I knew I had wings,

And I was a butterfly.

Immediately I wanted to find my loves,

But I stopped.

It was a hundred years after.

I remember their names!

I remember their faces!

I can still feel their warm embraces,

And their soft kisses.

I saw the school, the houses, the cars, the movies…

I saw


Like a movie in my head—

The memories didn’t stop.

However, I was determined.

I tried out my wings and I flew.

I flew to where they once lived…


I kept going and going for days.

Just when I was about to give up,

I noticed myself on a ranch.

A small beagle ran in the distance with a black horse trotting at its side.

I picked myself up and flew to them.

They saw me.

And just by the look in their empty eyes I knew it was them.

The horse, my sister, neighed loudly.

And him, my love, the little puppy, barked like wildfire.

At this point there was no end to our happiness.

We were reunited.

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Andrew Miller's picture

This is simply amazing. Great work.