A 200 Day Old Mistake

It seems like just yesterday I had my old friend in my hands.

I remember the coolness of the sharp end,

And how it pressed and dug into my skin.

It was searching for something,

And it soon found its answer.

The warm liquid surfaced and dribbled until I made it stop.

When it was all over I couldn't feel him anymore.

The pain I thought he had caused me left through my best friend.

I blinked and it all disappeared:

His face, his words, and my pain.

My trembling hand clutched my arm and a quiet, solemn tear fell from my fresh eyes.

Its favorite song had faded, and I drifted into a final sleep...

When I awoke I realized they had known.

My treatment came and went and came again repeatedly.

Eventually I was laying on a table and receiving injections.

I didn't want to remember my past,

Or any sign of it simply because I needed relief of ten minutes.

To be honest, they didn't either.

The pain of the treatment was the same pain I felt from the destructive experience.

When my veins throbbed I couldn't help but walk away into solitude and cry.

I fell asleep that night with hope of better days and a warmer song in my heart.

I finally realized that the occurrence 200 days ago would be the biggest mistake I would ever make in my life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

7/22/05..This is about the final time I had one of those destructive experiences on January 2. Thanks to my friends and family for their help, love, and support-I HAVE realized it was the STUPIDEST thing I would ever do.

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