Blurred Reality

I can't in any way say goodbye to the harsh reality this world suffocates me in.

All I can get permission to do is sit back and watch myself drown.

I don't know where this wicked rollercoaster is taking me and I'm afraid to see if there's any light at the end of the tunnel.

My heart begins to beat faster and faster as the pressure builds.

Muscles tense and my teeth clench.

I pull my fist back and the tiny crak in the wall revealed how escalated my bllood had pulsed.

A red stream flowed down my hand and dots graced the floor.

A drop of water fell from the tip of my nose.

Then I realized what I had done.

I put my hands to my face and drenched them in tears.

The new wounds stung and my feet pounded the floor.

My immense cries blanketed the silence.

Suddenly I stopped.

I felt a hand resting on my shoulder.

My bllood-stricken eyes peered up to see your sweet face looming over me.

You said everything was okay and it was time to go.

You took my hand and we stood up, walking away from the world I thought had broken me down.

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veronica nichole madden's picture

hey..u commented on one of muh poems, so i decided i'd come here and comment on one of urs...this is a really good piece of work btw..i read it once ..and then i couldnt stop thinkin of i decided i'd tell you how good i think it is...