I have to ask the questions,

For I want to know the answers.

Why you won't talk to me is beyond my wildest dreams.

You said you were bored and I was just there.

Should I stand there and not even care?

You pretend you don't want me around,

Unless it's the truth.

It probably is.

Why won't you be my friend?

Why can't we talk like civilized human beings?

Why can't things be the way they used to?

Why can't you call me and we'll talk about stupid things for 15 minutes?

Why can't we run to each other to cry on the other's shoulders and laugh and hug and be the best of friends?

Why can't I support you?

Why can't you support me?

Why why why why why?!


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Darno Molik's picture

Wonderful way of asking Why through a poem! From first two lines actually it's tuned out awesome:)