I knew you were right for me for a long time,

I knew we must have had something to make every day one step closer to a perfect start.

But then, I met someone.

I loved him

Or, I thought I did.

Things between us didn't last too long...

But the length it did last pushed me and you farther away.

I never wanted it to happen.

I wanted to be with you.

I wanted you and only you.

Now I fear I can't have you.

Really, though, I only want forgiveness until I can have you.

If that's even possible.

Maybe things will change.

Maybe they'll be close to perfect again.


Until then,

Can you forgive me?

You're the only one I've truly loved.

The one and only.

Now I want that one and only back.

You-- the one and only.

But those words are strong.

Then again, so is my love for you.

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